Saturday, November 11, 2006

Holyfield Upsets Oquendo

Evander Holyfield won a twelve round unanimous decision over Fres Oquendo last night. Holyfield dropped Oquendo in the first round and hurt him down the stretch of the fight. I consider this an upset. Oquendo losing to Holyfield in 2006 says a lot more about him than it does about Holyfield being anything close to a fighter who's deserving of a title shot in his next fight.
Look for Holyfield to fight Nikolay Valuev for the WBA heavyweight title in his next fight, probably in Germany. Valuev is a gimmick, and Holyfield is now a fraud with a big name. A combination that works perfectly in boxing, and the only reason the fight will happen. Holyfield won't get hurt fighting Valuev, but there'll be a faction out there suggesting it, just to spark interest and debate about the fight. On the other hand, Holyfield isn't a risk to beat or hurt Valuev, he's just there to help make it a little easier for Don King to sell Valuev as a real fighter and an emerging force in the heavyweight division.

Seeing that Mayweather-Baldomir did 325,000 PPV buys last week, it's not like he doesn't have a target market.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Charles Farrell said...

Valuev-Holyfield is probably more about Wilfred Sauerland making money off the giant than about King being able to. I'm pretty sure that King saw the marketing writing on the wall when Valuev was exposed in the Monte Barrett fight for the lackluster dud that he is.

Still, it'll play in Germany, where there will be some interest in seeing Holyfield.

I'm not sure that Evander won't get hurt, by the way. Valuev can't punch (or do anything else) worth a lick, but Holyfield faces even more risks than a lot of other older champs. He takes--and has taken for the past twenty odd years--lots of punches, and his body has been damaged by years of steroid use.

You'd think that Valuev would beat him easily--if dully--enough without doing him further harm. But Holyfield isn't many punches away from being badly injured. The cumulative damage has already long-since been done. We're already hearing it in his speech. Within a few more years, it will be evident in every aspect of his day to day life.


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